Costa Rica Extends Airport Closures, Barbados Relaxes Curfew
1 mayo 2020

On April 30, the Costa Rican Executive Branch published a regulation prohibiting foreigners from entering the country through May 15, closing ports and airports. This measure prolongs the restriction in effect since March 18 on the operations of immigration points for the entry of persons by air, sea or land. The measure could be extended beyond May 15 should the Executive branch deem it necessary.

Meanwhile, Barbados has announced the beginning of a new phase of its National Recovery Plan to combat COVID-19, relaxing the earlier 24-hour curfew. As from May 4, the curfew will be in effect from 8 pm to 5 am instead. Although alcohol sales are now permitted, consumption in public is still prohibited. Opening hours will also be extended for companies and shops involved in the production and sale of food and beverages, including supermarkets.