The Guatemalan government launches a series of inquiries among the citizenry to reform the health care system
30 agosto 2017

On August 22nd, the Ministry of Health began dialogues with health service consumers, social organizations, the private sector, and state institutions to work on a regulatory framework emphasizing the right to health care. Members of Departmental Technical Units, representatives of Municipal Development Councils, and members of civil society organizations will participate in the round of inquiries.

The participants will also be able to analyze and speak out on the various functions of the health care system around issues of organization, the care and collaboration model, regulation, human resources, medications and technologies, social participation, and transparency.

Once the inquiries have concluded, a technical and regulatory proposal for the transformation of the health care system will be drafted; the proposal will include the presentation of the results to the various actors and sectors consulted and the process is expected to be institutionalized by 2019. In addition, a Country Coordination Mechanism for the Transformation of the Health Care System —an independent and autonomous authority of social and representative participation to guide and ensure that reforms of various types will be instituted— will be created to promote compliance with the framework agreements provided by the citizens.