Ministry of Health opens call for procurement of drugs and strategic goods
27 marzo 2022


On March 27, Ecuador’s Ministry of Public Health (MSP in Spanish) opened the call to private suppliers for the procurement of drugs and strategic health goods for the Integrated Public Health Network (RPIS in Spanish). The objective of the new drug supply model will be to guarantee access to drugs and goods in an equitable manner and without overpricing. The call is open and permanent, so pharmacies or pharmaceutical groups are already qualified to send the qualification application form to the Ministry’s offices located in Quito. 

The invitation of the Ministry of Public Health is addressed to pharmacies or private pharmaceutical groups that seek to have the authorization to acquire drugs and strategic health goods. Regulation 051-2022, published on March 25, establishes the procedure and requirements for the acquisition of drugs and strategic health goods by private pharmacies and/or groups of pharmacies (chains, consortiums, associations, among others) that decide to participate in the process. 

In order to participate in the call, pharmacies must have a valid operating permit issued by the National Agency for Regulation, Control and Health Surveillance (ARCSA in Spanish), the qualification application form and the duly authorized Single Register of Suppliers (RUP in Spanish), among others. In addition, the delivery of the expression of interest to qualify and the requirements must be submitted physically to the Ministry of Public Health at the Government Platform for Social Development, with the following illustration in the single envelope.