OSIPTEL holds forum on advances in telecommunications regulatory matters
21 febrero 2022


On February 11, the executive president of the Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications (OSIPTEL in Spanish), Rafael Muente Schwarz, presented the progress made in regulatory matters in the national telecommunications sector during the virtual forum “Milestones and challenges for better telecommunications services in Peru”. Muente Schwarz said that the regulatory conditions applied during the last five years through the incentive of competition have allowed it to contribute to the improvement of the services offered, especially in the mobile market and in the fixed internet market. To access the virtual forum, click here.

The official also pointed out the progress in the implementation of web and mobile applications to facilitate the self-management of fixed and mobile telephony, TV cable and internet services, which the operators are obliged to implement so that users can directly manage procedures and queries “in the palm of their hand”. He said that, of the four operators, only one has achieved 100% implementation, while the rest have not yet reached more than 80%.

Additionally, Muente Schwarz presented the progress made in empowering users to deal with the operating companies, through different virtual tools and service quality measurements. In this regard, he announced the launch of the virtual tool “Check your Case”, which will allow users to register problems with their public telecommunications services, which will be passed on to the operating company for a response and solution.