Ministry of Health announces the signing of an agreement to improve the dispensing of oncology drugs
17 febrero 2022


On February 17, the Ministry of Health announced the signing of a framework agreement “with the 24 jurisdictions that will allow the provinces to articulate and optimize the request and dispensing of drugs with the Special Drugs Bank”. 

During the meeting, different issues regarding access to oncology treatments were discussed. In this regard, the signing of a framework agreement with the 24 provinces was announced during the last meeting of the Federal Health Council (COFESA in Spanish), with the aim of articulating and optimizing the request and dispensing of drugs with the Special Drugs Bank.

In this regard, the Undersecretary of Medicines and Strategic Information of the National Ministry of Health, Natalia Grinblat, pointed out that the agreement “makes it possible to create the necessary framework to advance in the joint work with the provinces and strengthen the actions aimed at improving equitable access to treatments in all corners of the country”.

Among other points, work was carried out on the optimization of the management circuits between all the agencies involved in the country, as well as on the times required to achieve an effective dispensing of drugs to patients. At the same time, the Health Department indicated that it is committed to continue working with the aim of improving policies for the care of people with cancer.