Ministry of Health launches public consultation on draft regulation of the National Cancer Law
23 noviembre 2021


On November 23, the Ministry of Health (Minsa in Spanish) released for public consultation the draft regulation of the National Cancer Law. This text establishes provisions in terms of state acquisition of oncological drugs by various means for the treatment of cancer patients in public and private institutions, among others. The public consultation will remain open for comments or recommendations until December 4, and suggestions may be sent to the e-mail [email protected].

In terms of drug supply chains, the text establishes that the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of oncological drugs not included in the Single National Essential Drug Formulary (PNUME in Spanish), which is a basic technical regulatory instrument for the dispensation, acquisition and use of drugs in all establishments in Peru, is subject to consideration by the Minsa in terms of effectiveness and safety for the patients for whom they are intended.

Likewise, in relation to differentiated acquisition mechanisms for these drugs necessary for the treatment of cancer, the same are allowed by the health authority, understood as financial and performance-based agreements. The former refers to the fact that an entity may receive authorization to obtain pharmaceutical products for cancer treatment through price agreements that decrease as the volume of drugs acquired for patients increases. Performance-based arrangements propose to fund an oncology treatment for which payment is linked to the expected clinical outcome of the treatment.

In addition, the regulation under consultation indicates that the pharmaceutical procurement processes are under the responsibility of a Negotiation Committee appointed by the National Center for Strategic Health Resources Supply (CENARES in Spanish). The Committee will make calls through its web page for suppliers to submit expressions of interest in offering their products within a maximum period of 15 working days.