OSIPTEL amends quality regulations to guarantee 70% minimum speed for Internet service
2 agosto 2021


On August 2, the Telecommunications Private Investment Supervisory Body (OSIPTEL in Spanish), through Resolution Nº 138 -2021-CD/OSIPTEL, amended the General Regulation on the Quality of Public Telecommunications Services with the aim of adapting the current regulation to the law that guarantees the minimum speed of internet connection and monitoring of internet service provision for users. In this line, the minimum threshold will increase from 40% to 70% for the contracted speed and will include all subscribers of broadband, fixed and mobile internet service, both in rural and urban areas. The reform is already in force.

The resolution also states that the measure will be applied under a gradual threshold scheme. In this way, the percentage of the minimum guaranteed speed will reach the threshold of 52% by March 3, 2022, and will gradually increase to 70% by December 3, 2022. The application will cover both contracts signed before and after the entry into force of the law. 

According to OSIPTEL, the gradual scheme was established for the development of the necessary modifications to telecommunications networks, such as the increase in capacity, as these require investment. It also seeks to minimise the risk of an abrupt impact on service tariffs.