Committee begins analysis of bill restricting broadcasting of entertainment shows during family hours
31 diciembre 2020


On December 18 the Education Committee began its study of Bill No 5213, restricting the broadcasting of sensitive content during family hours and promoting the right to education, culture, citizen participation, promotion of values, interculturality and care for the environment. On this occasion, the legislative body welcomed Congresswoman Yessica Apaza (Unión por el Perú), who authored the bill. The Committee is expected to continue its study upon returning from the legislative recess, in approximately one and a half months.

Leg. Apaza explained that the measure aims to limit the broadcasting of programs containing violent, obscene, or other material which may “affect inherent family values, including children and teenagers”, during family viewing hours, between 06:00 and 22:00. 

On October 23, the Transport and Communications Committee approved a report unifying several initiatives proposing limits on the broadcasting of violent, obscene, racist, discriminatory, childish, lewd, and generally offensive content in addition to nudity, as well as any other content promoting stereotypes during family protection hours (from 5:00 to 23:00). One of these initiatives is Bill No. 5213. The other bills making up the unified report are:

  • 5541.- Introduced by Hans Troyes (Acción Popular). It amends the Radio and Television Law, to promote educational and cultural content through the media, protecting family hours. 
  • 5704.- Introduced by Absalon Montoya Guivin (Frente Amplio). It regulates radio and television content during family hours.
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