Legislative Assembly: Fernández Stresses Importance of Modifying Knowledge Economy Law
1 marzo 2020

On March 1, President Alberto Fernández opened the 138th Ordinary Sessions during a Legislative Assembly, where he presented a diagnosis of the country’s situation and outlined the Executive Branch’s legislative agenda for 2020. 

During his speech, Fernández stated that when he took office, he found “a country whose social and productive structures were damaged and its soul wounded by deep divisions”, in reference to the legacy received by former president Mauricio Macri. He then reviewed his first 81 days as head of State and stressed that a “comprehensive and sustainable program” was being carried out. 

Afterwards, he announced the main bills that the Executive branch will submit this year, including the Judiciary reform, the creation of the Social and Economic Council, and the Legalization of Abortion.

President Fernández also announced that he will reconvert the public advertising system, with the aim of reducing government spending. “The reorientation of advertising towards educational content has triggered an unprecedented creative process between the private media and the state,” he said.

On the other hand, he indicated that the bill modifying the Knowledge Economy Law will be soon be up for debate, pointing out that the text “facilitates the entry of SMEs, creates incentives to increase R&D capabilities and environmental sustainability in the productive sector.”