Justice Committee Resumes Study of Penal Code Reform With Experts
13 septiembre 2019

On September 10, the senators from the Justice Committee concluded an informative meeting held as part of the work to study the Penal Code reform bill filed by the Executive branch. On this occasion, experts were invited to give a general lecture on the initiative, highlighting the need to update the corpus of measures. 

Although specific aspects of the initiative, such as cybersecurity offences, were not addressed during the discussion, Judge Carolina Robiglio from the Court of Appeals for Economic Crimes emphasized the importance of maintaining penalties for legal entities. She also indicated the need to unify the regulatory framework to prevent two judges from interpreting the same event in different ways.

In addition, Robiglio recommended making the bill specify when the actions of physical persons should be seen as the responsibilities of legal entities. She emphasized the need to maintain the independence of physical persons and legal entities to ensure each one is accountable for their actions to the extent necessary. She also considered that, within the framework of the study, the initiative could be deepened to incorporate clarifications on how to evaluate corporate compliance manuals.

Also participating in the debate were Maximiliano Rusconi (lawyer and professor at UBA), Diana Conti (member of the National Committee for the Prevention of Torture), Ana D’Alessio (judge of Tierra del Fuego), Alejandro David (professor at Austral University) and Diana Cohen Agrest (philosopher). The study of the bill is expected to continue on September 24.


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