MinTrabajo issues circular to enable employers to require vaccination card from employees
11 febrero 2022


The Colombian Ministry of Labor issued Circular 003 which establishes that employers may require vaccination cards from workers participating in mass events. The circular is made within the framework of social responsibility, the obligation to adopt the pertinent measures to guarantee life and health, and to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The provision is already in force. 

With this regulation, the Ministry urges employers to require a vaccination card with the complete vaccination schedule of those workers who work in public or private events involving mass attendance or public attention. Those workers in bars, restaurants, movie theaters, stores and leisure activities, among others, must advance the complete vaccination schedule and present to their employer the vaccination card that proves it.    

In turn, employers must deploy actions, mechanisms and establish biosecurity protocols for the protection of the life and health of their workers, as well as occupational health and safety measures to ensure the development of work activities in workplaces in safe conditions.