Senate publishes final version of the breast cancer prevention bill
7 febrero 2022


On February 7, the Colombian Senate published the final text of Bill 151 of 2021 that establishes measures for the prevention, diagnosis, timely treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care of breast cancer. The bill was approved in December 2021 in the Senate’s Seventh Committee. The bill is expected to be dealt with in the Senate plenary after resuming parliamentary activities, next March 16. If approved, the bill will have to be debated in the House of Representatives. 

The initiative aims to establish timely measures for prevention, early detection, comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation, palliative care and promotion of timely breast cancer care in Colombia. Among other measures, the bill proposes to declare October 19 as the National Breast Cancer Early Detection Day in order to raise awareness and sensitize on the subject. To this end, the Government will promote various promotional and incentive measures for breast self-examination and medical consultation. 

In addition, it establishes guarantees for the provision of services for the timely treatment of breast cancer. In order to guarantee timely care in the treatment of breast cancer, the territorial entities must eliminate access barriers for patients, caregivers and their families, as well as simplify administrative procedures for patients and their families. In addition, access to all the services required by a patient should be guaranteed, if possible in the same Health Service Provider Institution, as well as the implementation of telemedicine strategies, home medical care and home delivery of medicines, among others.