Legislative Elections: Without majorities in Congress, consensus among blocks will be crucial
15 noviembre 2021


On November 14, the Argentine citizenship defined the new composition of the National Congress for the next two years (2021-2023). In both chambers of the Legislative Branch, Frente de Todos (ruling party) will be the largest bloc, but it will not have the necessary quorum to impose its legislative agenda. It is expected that in the new Congress the dialogue between the parties will be necessary both to enable the treatment of bills of interest for the ruling party (and the opposition) and to block the agenda of such spaces.

As from December 10 (date on which the elected legislators will take office), the new Congress will have two large blocks in both chambers. In the Chamber of Deputies, Frente de Todos will be the first minority with 118 seats, followed by Juntos por el Cambio with 116. The chamber will be completed by 23 deputies from minority blocks, among which Avanza Libertad with 5 seats and Frente de Izquierda with 4 seats stand out.

On the other hand, the Senate (where Peronism lost the quorum for the first time since the return of democracy in 1983) also leaves a scenario in which these two great forces will be measured. Frente de Todos will be the first minority with 35 senators and Juntos por el Cambio with 31. The political spectrum in this chamber is complemented by 6 senators from other areas.