PASO Elections: Resounding victory of the opposition in the primaries and the ruling party would lose the quorum in both chambers of Congress
12 septiembre 2021


On September 12, primary elections were held in Argentina to define the candidates for the general legislative elections to be held on November 14. Although on this occasion the composition of the new Congress was not defined (but who will compete in the elections), an unfavorable trend for Frente de Todos (ruling party) was evidenced. If these results are maintained in the general elections, Frente de Todos will lose the quorum in the Senate and its legislative power in the Chamber of Deputies will be reduced.

In terms of legislative projection, if the PASO results are transferred to the general elections in the Senate, the ruling party would lose 6 seats out of the 41 it currently holds. Thus, it would obtain 35 seats (two less than the 37 that determine the quorum). Here it would still be the largest bloc, but it would no longer have the power to set its agenda without reaching a consensus with any sector of the opposition.

In the Chamber of Deputies, Frente de Todos would also see its legislative power diminished. It currently has 120 seats and could lose between 5 and 10 seats if these results were to be maintained in the general elections. In such scenario, it would be even further away from the quorum (129 deputies).