The Executive Branch announced lines of financing to promote audiovisual production for approximately 20 million dollars
10 agosto 2021


On Tuesday, August 10, President Alberto Fernández led the presentation ceremony of the Activar Cultura program, which aims to provide economic support for the reactivation of cultural activities (audiovisual industry, community projects, live shows, festivals, national contests, scholarships, popular libraries) in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Activar Cultura is expected to come into effect during the course of this month.

The program will have a total investment by the Executive Branch of $5.3 billion pesos (approximately US$42 million). This funding will be divided among all the programs to be financed: Punto de Cultura, Cultura Solidaria, Renacer Audiovisual, Impulsar Cultura II, Festivales Argentinos, Argentina Florece, MANTA, Activar Patrimonio, Pueblos Históricos, Book Fairs and Fortalecimiento de Bibliotecas Culturales.

As announced by the Executive Branch, the Renacer Audiovisual program will have an amount of $2,500 million (approximately US$ 20 million). This budget will be allocated to more than 80 audiovisual productions (animation, fiction and documentary contents) and more than 70 audiovisual development projects.

During the launching, the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer, assured that the Program will allow “more than 80 audiovisual productions, documentary, fiction and animation series”. He also stressed: “This means more than five thousand jobs and the possibility of generating national productions, which reflect our particular way of seeing the world”.