The Executive Branch published the regulation of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment
3 agosto 2021


On August 3, the Executive Branch published the regulation of the Agency for the Evaluation of Health Technologies. This agency will be in charge of the evaluation of health technologies, according to the policies established by the Executive Branch.

The Agency’s tasks include, among others, estimating the value and relative contribution of each health technology in the improvement of human, individual and collective health; evaluating the health, economic and social impact of each health technology; conducting research and providing updated information.

Its main objectives are:

  • The promotion of all inhabitants’ health.
  • To seek to guarantee universal coverage, accessibility and sustainability of health services.
  • Preventive, integral and humanistic orientation.
  • The integral quality of care that, according to technical standards and protocols of action, respects the principles of bioethics and the human rights of users.
  • Promote and enhance the use of scientific knowledge for decision making.
  • The adoption of its decisions focusing on the welfare and safety of users.