Executive Branch Promotes Teleworking: Facilitates Investments During State of Emergency
27 marzo 2020


On March 24, the Executive Branch issued Supreme Decree No. Nº 010-2020-TR, publishing guidelines to regulate teleworking in the private sector, as established in Emergency Decree No.026-2020. The latter establishes various exceptional and temporary measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19 in the country which are already in force.

Employers must establish the methods or mechanisms for people to work remotely, and the parties may agree on compensation for the additional costs caused by the use of such methods or mechanisms. The decree also states that the ordinary working day in this remote modality may not exceed eight hours a day or forty-eight hours a week.

In addition, the employer must inform the worker physically or digitally about the measures, conditions and recommendations for safety and health at work that must be observed during the working day in this remote work mechanism.

On the other hand, the Executive Branch issued Resolution No. 005-2020-EF/63.01, which contains provisions for the approval of investments in the State of Emergency, aiming to reduce any ”probable” damage arising from the impact of the emergency. According to the resolution, investment approvals must be made within the timeframe of the emergency.

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