Minister of Commerce Heads up Trade Mission to U.S. to Attract Investment
27 septiembre 2019


The Minister of Commerce and Industries (Mici), Ramon Martinez, has been on a trade mission to different U.S. cities since September 22 to attract new companies to invest in Panama. Martínez explained that “Panama is a business platform, with a diverse and competitive economy. Our function is to be a global economic integrator, given that our country serves as a center for international trade and the export of services.”

The purpose of the presentations was to show companies the competitive advantages that Panama offers for operations in the country or region. “We are working on the implementation of the Panama 2030 National Logistics Strategy, in order to consolidate ourselves as a world-class logistics hub, with global connectivity, as a leader in services innovation for distribution and added value,” said the Minister.

The Minister’s agenda began on September 22 in New York with a series of interviews with top executives from supermarket chains, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, insurance and finance, clean energy and internet, computer security, e-commerce and FinTech. On September 24, the trade mission moved to the city of Philadelphia, where Panamanian businessmen and exporters held meetings with commercial conglomerate representatives.

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