Peru advances on program to tackle digital divide and roll out broadband
15 abril 2019

On April 8, the National Telecommunications Program (Pronatel) announced that the Broadband Installation Project for the Integral Connectivity and Social Development of the Lima Region will provide connectivity to 291 localities and benefit 191,000 Peruvians. Through the program authorities seek to promote inclusion by narrowing the country’s digital divide.

The National Telecommunications Programme (Pronatel) is holding a training and awareness-raising workshop with authorities in the region and beneficiary institutions to promote the project’s delivery. In line with this, the Peruvian Government will also seek to promote mass broadband access in rural areas, with the objective of reducing the digital divide and generating greater development opportunities nationally.

Addressing the media, Emerson Vivanco Munayco, representative of Pronatel, said they are working “arduously to supervise all work of the operating company step by step, to achieve 100% implementation by December this year, so that the project can enter the operational stage”.


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