Congress admits for debate the motion of impeachment against Pedro Castillo
17 marzo 2022


On March 14, the plenary of the Peruvian Congress admitted with 76 votes in favor, 41 against and one abstention, the presidential vacancy motion against Pedro Castillo for permanent moral incapacity. According to the Constitution, the presidential removal requires a qualified vote of no less than two thirds of the legal number of parliamentarians, that is, 87 votes. In case the Legislative approves the destitution of Pedro Castillo, his current first vice-president, Dina Boluarte, would assume the presidency. The plenary also approved that the motion be debated on Monday, March 28. On that date, the president may appear to give his defense or send his lawyer.

The impeachment is promoted by Jorge Montoya (Renovación Popular) and has the support of the parties Renovación Popular, Fuerza Popular, Somos Perú, Avanza País, Podemos Peru and Alianza para el Progreso. According to the document, the permanent moral incapacity of the Peruvian president is supported by a series of “objective facts” that are of public knowledge. Among these are mentioned:

  • The “contradictions and lies of President Castillo in fiscal investigations”, such as the alleged irregular promotions in the Armed Forces and the awarding of the Tarata Bridge project to a company linked to the lobbyist Karelim López.
  • Also the “questionable” appointments of at least 10 ministers of State. In this point, they mention those of Guido Bellido (“investigated for apology to terrorism”), Héctor Béjar in Foreign Affairs (“for his guerrilla past and denunciation for sedition”) and Hernán Condori (“denounced for undue payment and incompatible negotiation”).
  • Other questions mentioned in the motion are the existence of an alleged “shadow cabinet”, the meetings of questioned businessmen with the former Secretary General of the Presidential Office Bruno Pacheco, the President and relatives of the latter.

Furthermore, the Board of Spokespersons of Congress agreed to receive the President on Tuesday 15, so that he may deliver a message to the Nation, as formally requested through Premier Aníbal Torres. Although the Avanza País, Podemos Perú and Renovación Popular benches showed their rejection to the head of state’s request for the requested date, it was finally approved for him to appear before the plenary. Castillo’s request came shortly before the legislators discussed the admission of the vacancy motion for debate. 

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