Bill to establish rules on cyber crimes returns to Joint Committee for additional report
28 enero 2022


On January 28, the bill sent by the Executive Branch, which seeks to establish rules on cyber crimes to adapt the regulatory framework to the Budapest Convention, was sent back to the Joint Committee of Congress for it to issue an additional report. This meeting is expected to take place on March 2, after the parliamentary recess. After this meeting, the initiative is expected to return to the Senate to be discussed on the floor.

In addition, we share with you a document prepared by the committee which contrasts the current legal framework with the different documents approved in the several instances of its legislative treatment. You can access this report by clicking here.

It should be recalled that the initiative aims to establish a regulatory framework against cybercrime, establishing sanctions or typifying crimes that are not covered by the current legislation. The bill includes penalties for those who maliciously alter the correct functioning of a computer system; for those who illegally access a system, also known as hacking; for those who incur in computer forgery or computer fraud; and for those who abuse devices that disrupt the integrity of computer data, among others.