Ministry of Finance launches public consultation on the draft Regulatory Agenda for 2022
9 noviembre 2021


On November 9 was the latest version of the draft decree of the Regulatory Agenda 2022 published by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. The document details the regulations that the Ministry will promote during the year 2022. The draft will be open for comments until December 1, which can be sent through the following link.

Among the initiatives to be promoted and regulated by the Ministry, it is worth mentioning the bill for the creation of the Intersectorial Commission of the Social Protection System that will unify the guidelines for the interpretation of the rules that govern the Social Protection System, as well as the decree to establish the deadlines to declare and pay the taxes of the national order for the year 2022.

Law 2010 of 2019 will be regulated to establish the methodology for the calculation of the reserve to be paid by employers who incur in omission in the affiliation of their workers to the General Pension System.

A more exhaustive regulation will be issued regarding the consequences of default in the payment of labor contributions and by decree the concept of “contribution base salary” will be determined for the liquidation of contributions during vacation periods, paid leaves, strike or temporary suspension of the workers’ contract.