Executive Branch announces export plan with promotional actions abroad
23 abril 2021


On April 14, the Executive Branch announced an Export Promotion Plan for 2021, an initiative that contemplates the implementation of promotional actions, with the participation of Argentine companies in fairs, trade missions and business rounds.

The plan resulted from the work carried out by the Public-Private Council for the Promotion of Exports, in which 240 chambers and entities related to foreign trade participate, representing 18,300 companies from 68 Argentine export complexes. In this regard, the Secretary of International Economic Relations, Jorge Neme, highlighted the joint work with private companies and stated that “we aspire to export a sum close to US$ 70 billion”.

Additionally, Neme stated that “the pandemic context makes everything very complicated and produced a drop in trade in 2020 of around 20%. This year the recovery is slow, not so dynamic, but our exports are at a good pace”.

Finally, they indicated that activities are expected to be categorized by region: in Latin America, they expect the participation of the auto-parts sector, the construction industry, mining, and oil sectors. In Europe, agro-industrial manufactures stand out: fruit, organic food and beverages, and regional products. In North America, the main sectors were metalworking and auto-parts, organic foodstuffs and beef.

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