Parallel talks in Oslo, Norway, between the government and opposition
17 mayo 2019

While the International Contact Group was meeting in Venezuela, it transpired that representatives of the government and opposition parties had come to Oslo at the urging of the Norwegian government. Initially at least, mediators are set to meet with each delegation separately, and it’s not known after that whether a joint meeting will take place.

Venezuelan Ambassador to Norway, Jorge Valero, confirmed that there was an ongoing dialogue there with the so-called “democratic opposition sector”, but provided no further details. Juan Guaidó, meanwhile, said “there is no negotiation” in progress. He added that talks of any kind should be geared only to ending the government of President Nicolás Maduro, installing a transitional administration and calling free and fair elections.

Reportedly, the ruling party delegation that has made its way to Norway consists of Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez and Miranda Governor Hector Rodriguez. Members of the opposition, meanwhile, are thought to include the second Vice-president of the National Assembly Stalin González, former mayor Gerardo Blyde and former Minister of Transport and Communications Fernando Martínez Mottola.

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