Russia willing to support the Montevideo Mechanism and work with the International Contact Group
14 mayo 2019

On May 5, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated in a press conference with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza that Russia is willing to cooperate with both the ICG and the Montevideo Mechanism. He said, “what matters most is that the mediators help lay the foundations for a truly inclusive national dialogue without preconditions, let alone ultimatums”. See FAQs: What is the Montevideo Mechanism?

Regarding the Montevideo Mechanism, Lavrov said Russia continues to see it as a valid option and that it will pursue and support the mechanism given that, in Russia’s view, Juan Guaidó only shunned the proposal following pressure from the US. Meanwhile, any easing of tensions and alignment between Russia and the ICG will depend, says Lavrov, on what position the ICG assumes following its Costa Rica meeting, with any insistence from it on early elections in Venezuela likely to rule out such a rapprochement.

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