Tax reform could be dealt with in March
15 enero 2021


On January 13, the Chamber of Deputies’ rapporteur for tax reform, Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP), spoke during a radio interview and shared his hopes that in March the Chamber of Deputies would analyze and pass the tax reform bill. “Voting for reform has become a necessity, given the current economic crisis,” he declared. 

For his part, the pro-government deputy, Joaquim Passarinho (PSD – ruling party) said that “I think we are close to having an agreement, perhaps not a consensus, but an agreement to vote on the tax reform in the Chamber. I think we are not far off having the right conditions in which to vote.”

It should be recalled that there are two tax reform proposals on the table. A first bill was presented by deputy Baleia Rossi (MDB – independent) and a second presented by the Executive Power unifying  the Social Integration Program and Cofins.

The initiative filed by Deputy Rossi aims to simplify tax collection and make it more efficient, unifying consumer taxes such as the tax on operations related to goods circulation and on the provision of inter-municipal and interstate transport services (ICMS, for its acronym in Spanish) and Cofins.

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