New National Assembly starts activities, Juan Guaidó ratified as president of the body
8 enero 2021


The lawmakers of the new National Assembly (NA) for the 2021-2026  period took office on January 5. They were elected in the contested parliamentary elections of December 6, 2020. The Legislative branch is to be composed of 277 members, among which 253 are representatives of the ruling coalition Gran Polo Patriótico Simón Bolívar (GPP). Meanwhile, opposition leader Juan Guaidó renewed his position as head of the Board of Directors that presided over the NA in 2020, in line with the modification of the Transitional Statute of December 28, 2020. The new NA is expected to begin its work in the coming days.

The new National Assembly

The new legislators elected the authorities of the NA for the legislative year 2021-2022. The president of the NA will be Jorge Rodríguez; Iris Valera, first vice president; Didalco Bolívar, second vice president; Rosalba Gil, secretary; Inti Inojosa, undersecretary. All of them belong to the ruling coalition GPP. Rodríguez urged NA members to work towards Venezuela’s economic recovery. 

In this regard, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro backed the new NA and said that “it is time for political healing and reconciliation in order to advance in the great tasks ahead.”

Juan Guaido and his allies

The group of legislators led by Juan Guaidó ratified the Board of Directors that chaired the NA in 2020. Therefore, Guaidó continues as its president, Juan Pablo Guanipa as first vice president and Carlos Berrizbeitia as second vice president. “We are still standing here, that is the first message to Maduro,” Guaidó said. It is worth remembering that on December 28, the NA approved a reform to the “Statute for the Transition to Democracyto create a Delegate Commission and extend the mandate of the NA that took office in 2016 until 2022. The United States, Japan and Colombia are some of the countries that continue to recognize Guaidó as president of the NA.

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