Deputies pass immediate accreditation for debit card operations; ratify the ILO Agreement on Workplace Harassment
20 noviembre 2020


On November 12, the Chamber of Deputies passed the bill on immediate accreditation for debit card operations. The initiative was approved with 232 votes in favor, 4 against and 3 abstentions. Now, the bill will be sent to the Senate to continue with its legislative process.

During the discussion, lawmakers made drafting changes, and extended the scope of the immediate accreditation requirement to include prepaid card transactions.

In other news, the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill to ratify ILO Agreement 190 to prevent workplace harassment. The initiative obtained 241 votes in favor, 1 negative and 2 abstentions. In turn, with 224 positive votes, the deputies also passed the initiative to create the National Program of Prevention and Awareness of Grooming or Cyberbullying against Children and Adolescents.

The Convention, approved in June 2019 during the International Labor Conference held in Geneva with representatives of governments, companies and unions from 187 member countries of the ILO, aims to promote the adoption of public policies to prevent and reduce gender violence in the workplace.

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