Francisco Sagasti takes office as President until July 28, 2021
20 noviembre 2020


On November 17, Francisco Sagasti was sworn in as President of the Republic and will complete the five-year term, until July 2021. 

In his speech Sagasti listed the main challenges facing his government, which include ensuring that next year’s elections “are clean and smooth,” addressing the “serious economic and health crisis” caused by the pandemic, strengthening the governance in the areas of science and technology, and playing a “responsible role in the management” of public spending.

On the other hand, he pointed out that one of the axes of his administration will be the fight against corruption. “We will support the work of prosecutors, wherever they come from, wherever they are. We will strengthen the financial intelligence unit to fight against money laundering from illegal activities, and from the Government we will act with total transparency,” he said.

In addition, the resignation of the entire cabinet formed by Merino was made official today, so the appointment of new ministers is expected to take place in the short term. In this regard, Sagasti informed that he is going to work to form his government “without hurry but without pause”.

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