Commission approves report for second debate of domain extinction bill
20 noviembre 2020


On November 16, the Citizen Participation Committee approved, with eight votes, the report for the second debate on the bill to recover assets of illicit origin (known as Domain Extinction). The objective of the initiative is to recover assets from illegal activities such as embezzlement, bribery and human trafficking. The text is now ready to be debated by the plenary.

In the report for the second debate, the destination of the monetization of assets resulting from the process of extinction of ownership was reformulated to ensure that activities and education for young children get the benefits. In addition, a percentage was set to train personnel and strengthen the institutions in charge of enforcing the Law.

The committee also included an article on the conditions to extinguish ownership The objective is to provide justice with “clear and sufficient elements” to bring domain extinction proceedings. Likewise, a broader definition was established concerning the assets subject to the extinction of ownership.

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