Executive amendes secondary regulations governing Market Regulation and Control Laws; adopts secondary regulations for public-private partnerships
20 noviembre 2020


On November 17, President Lenín Moreno adopted Decree No. 1193, modifying the Secondary Regulations for the implementation of the Organic Law of Regulation and Control of Market Powers. Moreno also published secondary regulations governing public-private partnerships. Both measures are to come into effect following publication in the Official Gazette.

Secondary Regulations of the Organic Law of Regulation and Control of Market Powers

The amendment defines criteria for the economic groups and their entrepreneurial relationships. This means that an economic group is understood to be the “group of companies or economic operators” whose volume must be defined according to the mandatory notification of economic concentration.

Secondary Regulation for public-private partnerships

On the other hand, through Decree No. 1190, Moreno established that the Interinstitutional Commission of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP Commission) will be in charge of issuing technical regulation and management policies, as well as regulating technical aspects of the project cycle to be executed, through the issuance of technical guides.

Furthermore, public officials who may have a conflict of interest between the exercise of their functions and the decisions adopted by the PPP Commission may not participate in the approval sessions of this body.

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