Committee Adopts Judgment on Bill to Grant Financial Intelligence Unit Direct Access to Banking Details
16 octubre 2020


On October 14, the Economic Committee unanimously approved the opinion accompanying the bill proposing to grant the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF, in Spanish) direct access to banking and tax information belonging to individuals being investigated in order to prevent and combat money laundering and financing of terrorism. The regulation is expected to be studied by the full Congress in the short term.

These regulations will enable the UIF to have a tool to access complete information about the management of assets and large amounts of money belonging to people being investigated concerning illegal acts.

The text also specifies the need to strengthen the financial analysis and investigation work of UIF-Peru, as well as that of the Public Ministry, which is the recipient of the financial intelligence reports.

It is worth mentioning that the bill has received favorable comments from the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP, which considers that the UIF should be able to detect all “suspicious” operations regarding money launderinh and with acts of terrorism.

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