Lima Group Rejects Legislative Elections on December 6, Reiterates Support for Juan Guaidó
16 octubre 2020

On October 13, the Lima Group issued a statement rejecting the legislative elections on December 6 and urging the international community to investigate possible connections between Nicolás Maduro’s government and organized crime. The Lima Group is a regional body made up of countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Canada and Chile, which seek a solution to the political and social crisis besetting Venezuela. In the coming weeks, the countries of the Group will meet again to monitor the development of the situation in Venezuela.

The declaration renews its support for Juan Guaidó, who is recognized by the entity as the de facto president of Venezuela and the National Assembly. It also supports the report produced by the UN Human Rights Council International Mission, which accuses Nicolás Maduro of committing crimes against humanity. Lastly, they reiterate the importance of helping countries in the region to receive Venezuelan migrants.

Argentina did not sign the declaration as it said that “the Lima Group supports an alleged president that Argentina does not recognize and who has never had the effective exercise of the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

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