Deputies to Continue Working on Creation of Consumer Defense Code
9 octubre 2020


On October 1, the Consumer Defense Committee chaired by Diego Mestre (UCR), agreed to move forward with the drafting of a Consumer Defense Code. To achieve a consensual text, they will hold informative meetings with experts every week during the rest of the ordinary period (which ends on November 30).

The meeting, which was attended by specialists in the field, was based on a bill presented by Alfredo Cornejo (UCR – opposition) for a new regime focused on consumer protection which recognizes the “structural vulnerability” of consumers in the market.

Mestre said that the proposal presented by his bloc “is based on the work done within the Justice Plan 2020” drawn up by Mauricio Macri’s administration.

In addition to the Cornejo’s bill, legislators are also considering an initiative presented by Frente de Todos. The text is not yet available but a search is under way to locate it and it will be sent as soon as it is available.

Deputy Liliana Schwindt (Frente de Todos – ruling party) presented her bloc’s proposal and said: “our government has already shown how it works on behalf of consumers because it has been developing public services. We must think about a code that promotes these issues.”

José Luis Ramón (Interbloc Unidad Federal para el Desarrollo – independent) said that the UCR’s proposal “violates the protection of consumers’ economic interests” and “does not cover criminal offences in the area of consumption.” He added that “we are protecting suppliers rather than consumers.”

During the meeting, the following statements were singled out as being of interest:

Gonzalo Sozzo, specialist in Law of Torts

  • “This bill would place Argentina at the forefront of developments as it is a third generation law.”
  • “The bill emphasizes the idea that consumers have the right to access quality goods and services.”
  • “It also highlights the principle of accessibility for people with restricted abilities, obliging suppliers to make the necessary adaptations, the principle of market transparency, the principle of sustainable consumption, the principle of protection for hyper-vulnerable consumers.”

Belen Japaze, Doctor Juris, involved in drawing up Alfredo Cornejo’s bill

  • “There is no doubt that there is global concern about the problem of consumer over-indebtedness. We insist on the urgent need to address the problem in our country.”
  • “The protection of consumers and their families will be a priority objective.”
  • “Excessive over-indebtedness and the risks of noncompliance are not external but inherent to the activity of credit providers in the market.”
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