Executive Publishes Methodological Guide for 3P and Regulations for Virtual Information Delivery System
9 octubre 2020


On October 2, the Ministry of Economy issued Directorial Resolution N° 004-2020-EF/68.01, including the Methodological Guide for Public-Private Partnerships (3P). The Stock Market Superintendency (SMV, for its acronym in Spanish) published the rules for the use of the Peruvian Stock Market System (MVNet System and the Virtual SMV) to allow them to provide digital services and exchange information on digital platforms. 


Methodological Guide to Public-Private Partnerships 


The document details the application of the 3P norms as well as providing indications on the development of the processes for such alliances through a logical sequence, giving deadlines and enumerating the responsibilities of each player (Ministries, Regional Governments, Local Governments, Private Sector, among others).


MVNet System and the Virtual SMV 


The regulation enshrined in Resolution No. 092-2020-SMV/02 states that all issuers and legal entities authorized to operate will be required to use this virtual system as from the moment when their securities or program are registered in the Stock Market Public Register. 


At the same time, the MVNet offers a single window for filing information with the SMV and the Exchanges or Administrator of the Centralized Trading Mechanism. All financial information will be sent through this channel, as well as information within the framework of public securities offers, information required by stock market regulations, and any other information submitted by the entities covered. 

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