Executive Branch Modifies Manual for “Trabaja Perú” Program; Issues Decree Regulating Work Among Children Under 17
11 septiembre 2020


On August 25, the Executive branch approved the modification of the Operations Manual of the Program to Create Inclusive Social Employment “Trabaja Perú.” Via Supreme Decree No. 018-2020-TR, it regulated the administrative procedure to grant the prior authorization required by adolescents (under 17 years of age) to perform work for others or in a dependent relationship.

Operations Manual of the Program for the Generation of Inclusive Social Employment “Trabaja Perú”

The Ministry of Labor, via Resolution No. 182-2020-TR, modified the Operations Manual with the goal of creating temporary employment for the population over 18 years of age in a situation of complete or partial poverty due to disasters or emergencies. Likewise, the document stipulates that the “Trabaja Perú” program will adapt its administrative procedures accordingly within a period of no more than ninety business days.

Administrative procedure regulating child labor

By means of these regulations, the Executive branch seeks to prevent dangerous labor situations for children and teenagers liable to threaten their mental, physical and emotional health, jeopardizing a child’s overall development. The permit will be granted after the evaluation of the Directorate or Regional Management of Labor and Employment Promotion.

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