Committee Resumes Study of Personal Data Bill
11 septiembre 2020


On September 7, the Committee on Sovereignty and International Relations resumed its study of the personal data bill. The regulations seek to protect citizens’ rights against the processing of their personal, economic and social data. On this occasion, the committee heard from Danilo Doneda, the delegate of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies to the National Data Protection Council. The committee is expected to continue its study in the coming weeks. 

During his speech, Doneda warned that the misuse of personal data would generate major problems for both society and government institutions, and considered it necessary to implement a regulatory framework to safeguard the integrity of the data and its proper use.

Likewise, the specialist stated that through this law, data protection must be “guaranteed” in all categories, not only in confidential matters, but also in matters aiming to preserve the fundamental rights of individuals and protect the privacy of information.

Another speaker lawmaker Augusto Espinosa (CREO -opposition) stated that it is not enough to protect personal data, but that it is necessary to “guarantee the right” to know what the data is being used for, so that it is not “commercialized or used by individuals.” 

Lawmaker César Carrión (CREO -opposition) stated that although the protection of personal data is a constitutional right, there are “transnational companies that make misleading use of this information” for their own good, and it would be necessary to move ahead with approval for the bill.

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