Deputies Analyze Proposal for National Strategy to Promote Drug Production  
9 septiembre 2020


On September 2, the Deputies’ Special COVID-19 Committee held a hearing to discuss a bill for the National Health Strategy (see here). The initiative seeks to promote national autonomy when it comes to manufacturing materials, medicines and supplies and has received support from various ministries and regulatory bodies. In addition, the Executive extended the extraordinary procedures for the certification of good medicine practices

The bill under discussion provides incentives to the Brazilian industry with the aim of promoting investment and the production of essential drugs for the health system. The experts invited to the meeting urged the deputies to continue working on a package of incentives to help national products gain an advantage over imports.   

During the meeting, Antonio Teixeira (Progresistas – allied with the ruling party), author of the bill and committee coordinator, argued that as a result of the pandemic, Brazil had problems purchasing supplies due to its “dependence on imports.” Along these lines, Leandro Pereira, representative of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa, in Portuguese), emphasized that Brazil could play a key role in leading the way for the development of the health industry in Latin America, “due to its strategic geographic position and its capabilities in national industry.” 

It is important to note that the bill is still in the initial phases of treatment and only informational meetings are being held. However, during the hearing, the bill was praised by those present who stressed that it dovetails with government measures in the sector.

Regarding the extraordinary criteria and procedures for the certification of good practices in the framework of COVID-19, the Executive extended the validity of Resolution No. 346. Although the measure was originally scheduled to last until September this year, the new resolution extends its validity until such time as the Ministry of Health lifts the State of Emergency.

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