Senate Analyzes Creation of National Action Plan to Prevent and Control Antimicrobial resistance
9 septiembre 2020


On September 1, the Senate Health Committee agreed to convene officials from the National Ministry of Health and the National Services for Agri-food Health and Quality (SENASA, in Spanish) to share their opinion on the bill presented by the committee chairman Mario Fiad (UCR – opposition). The bill proposes creating a National Action Plan  to Prevent and Control Antimicrobial Resistance. The meeting is expected to take place in the coming weeks, when the initiative will be approved.

During the meeting, Frente de Todos (ruling party) legislators Nancy González and Maria Eugenia Catalfamo highlighted the importance of the bill, but said it was necessary to hear from the competent authorities on the subject.

Regarding the content of the bill, Fiad stressed that its purpose is to “prioritize” the actions carried out in 2015 in this area, indicating that “This is an issue which has been pending for several years.”

The text aims to regulate the use of antibiotics in human health and food production to combat the spread of resistant microorganisms. The National Action Plan to Prevent and Control Antimicrobial Resistance aims to strengthen the surveillance and use of antimicrobials, promote their proper use and raise awareness about the subject, among other things.

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