Chile, Peru and Paraguay Progress With Cancer Treatment Legislation
9 septiembre 2020


On September 2, Chile enacted the national cancer law., aiming to establish a regulatory framework to help plan, develop and execute public policies aimed at defining the causes of this disease and slowing the increase in incidence. The law will come into effect in early October. Along the same lines, Peru enacted the law enabling the timely detection and comprehensive care of cancer in children and adolescents. In Paraguay, the Deputies’ Human Rights Committee approved the bill modifying and expanding the scope of application of the law providing comprehensive care for cancer sufferers.

Chile’s national cancer law envisages creating a network of oncology centers and a patient register. It also establishes that no employer may discriminate against people who have suffered or are suffering from this disease. Finally, the measure instructs the Ministry of Health to draw up a five-year National Cancer Plan to develop and systematize the various policies, plans and programs envisaged.

Along the same lines, the President of Peru Martín Vizcarra also enacted the medical urgency law to enable the timely detection and comprehensive care of cancer in children and adolescents. The objective is to reduce the rate of late diagnosis, treatment abandonment, and morbidity and mortality by providing universal coverage for all types of cancer in children and adolescents. The Executive is expected to enact the laws in the next few days.

The bill under debate in the Paraguayan Congress seeks to guarantee full compliance with this law so as to ensure that administrative procedures do not compromise the well-being of cancer patients.

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