Deputies Approve Draft Bill to Declare COVID-19 Treatments of Public Utility
9 septiembre 2020


On September 1, the Deputies’ Health Committee approved the draft bill declaring all preventive and curative treatment to be public utility, including pharmaceutical products, vaccines, special foods and medical elements to treat COVID-19. The bill was sent to the Chamber.

The initiative has two articles both approved by 7 votes in favor and 5 against. It should be noted that the Executive branch expressed opposition to the bill as it considered that it might be interpreted as expropriation which would jeopardize the supply of medicines and vaccines to combat COVID-19. Hence, pro-government deputies on the committee voted against the text.

Karol Cariola (PC – opposition), author of the text, remarked that “it is important to be rigorous with what is said and with what our guests say. And I want to clarify that, as I have explained, the objective of the initiative is that regarding future COVID-19 treatment, profit should not be put before the needs of the people.”

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