Uribe Resigns his Position in the Senate
21 agosto 2020

On August 18, the Senate Plenary accepted the resignation of the senator and former President, Álvaro Uribe (Centro Democrático – ruling party) from his seat in Congress. The measure, approved with 82 votes in favor and 12 against, is irrevocable. The former president’s political bench will now be filled by Milla Romero Soto, who is next on the party’s list and is expected to take office in the coming days. 

Uribe’s resignation was made public via a letter addressed to the President of the Senate, Arturo Char (Cambio Radical – allied with the ruling party) in which the former senator denounced the breach of procedural guarantees and called for a Judicial Reform to modify the system for electing magistrates.


On August 4, the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia issued orders for Uribe to be placed under house arrest for the crimes of procedural fraud and bribery, sending shockwaves through the whole spectrum of political interests, since Uribe is considered to be one of the most influential political actors in the country’s recent history. The former president will remain under house arrest while the Court proceeds to investigate the complaint.