Government Launches Local-lawDebt Swap
21 agosto 2020

On August 18, the Ministry of the Economy launched, via Resolution 381/2020, an offer to exchange the dollar-denominated securities under local legislation to restructure USD 41.717 billion. The entry deadline will be in September and those accepting before September 1 will be eligible for additional benefits. 

Creditors exchanging bonds for new dollar-denominated ones will get a bond with an annual interest rate of 1% and a maturity of 2030 for both accumulated and unpaid income for securities that are integrated. 

According to the regulations, those entering before September 1 will receive the running interest of each bond until the 4th of that month whereas those accessing after that date will only receive what was due until April 6. 

These offers may only be withdrawn if the Government extends the acceptance period for more than 30 days or modifies the expiry date.