Senate Committee Discusses Bill Amending Knowledge Economy Law
14 agosto 2020

On August 7, the Senate Committees on Systems, Media and Freedom of Expression, and on Budget and Finance began their discussions on the bill to modify the Knowledge Economy Law. During the meeting, Sen. Alfredo Luenzo (Frente de Todos – ruling party) expressed the need to get the bill through as soon as possible, although he did not rule out the possibility of introducing amendments. Both Committees are expected to continue the debate in August and the bill could become law by the end of the month.

Sen. Luenzo pointed out that the bill approved by the Chamber of Deputies broadens the universe of beneficiaries and introduces a gender perspective, thus increasing employment rates and exports level in the sectors benefiting, and providing more facilities for small businesses joining the scheme. However, he stressed the need to expand the universal nature of the initiative.

Meanwhile, Sen. Martin Lousteau (Juntos por el Cambio – opposition) said it was necessary to “work on the obstacles which mean that these sectors need to be compensated in order to develop”. Lousteau said that he was planning to introduce a proposal to the Committee to amend the bill.