FAO warns of increasing food insecurity in the region
31 julio 2020


Food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published on July 13 the annual report “State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World.” The report highlights the high cost of healthy diets globally and warns that Latin America is the region where food insecurity increases most rapidly. One of the reasons for this is the global pandemic. Along these lines, FAO recommends promoting the production of fruits and nutritious foods through the provision of agricultural incentives. Latin American countries are expected to implement policies of this style to reduce food costs in cooperation with FAO in the medium term.

The report notes that there could be 67 million people in food insecurity by 2030 if governments do not act to prevent it. In addition, FAO argues that, given the high costs of healthy goods, low-income people are forced to consume food that is cheaper and with greater harm to their health. The organization indicates that 7.5% of children under 5 in Latin America and the Caribbean are overweight. 

To combat increasing food insecurity and lower food prices, FAO recommends that member countries offer incentives for agricultural production. It also calls for improving the packaging and distribution of food products and reducing their waste. 

Next steps

FAO published a report that analyzes food security in the region. The report warns of the high cost of healthy food and the rapid growth of food insecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean. Therefore, it recommends that member countries incentivize agricultural production in order to obtain more affordable healthy food. Latin American countries are expected to promote public policies along these lines in the coming months with the organization’s help.

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