Agriculture Ministries pledged not to create unnecessary barriers to trade and to maintain the proper functioning of supply chains
31 julio 2020


Food security. On July 13, FAO led the Second Meeting of Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture of the Americas, where post-pandemic agricultural activation was discussed. They agreed on joint lines of action to guarantee food and nutritional security. The representatives of the executive powers reiterated the importance of international cooperation, particularly on issues that affect the production, transformation and commercialization of raw materials, food, agricultural inputs and/or technologies relevant to food development. Officials pledged not to create unnecessary barriers to trade, to facilitate international trade, and maintain the proper functioning of national and international markets, as well as supply chains, through the timely exchange of information of food availability, demand and prices. 

Officials emphasized the importance of strengthening international trade in food and agricultural products due to their central role in the lives of all citizens, as well as the jobs they employ in their production chain. Similarly, there was a joint call to commit to improving transparency and predictability in establishing and adopting new national health measures and protocols. 

The meeting took place in a context in which the hunger figures in the region have increased significantly in recent years, and have had a strong impact due to COVID-19. FAO affirms that Latin America and the Caribbean will not be able to meet the goal of the development of zero hunger for 2030.

Next steps

In the framework of the Second Meeting of Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture of the Americas, a joint position of eleven points was agreed upon, highlighting the strategic role of the agri-food sector, among others, for the economic reactivation and exchange of information on availability, demand and prices of the food. This will begin to be promoted in the short term and their achievements will be evaluated at the next meeting, which will be held in October.

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