Assembly Forms New Committees
31 julio 2020


The National Assembly has set up new committees for parliamentary work, including the Trade and Economic Affairs Committee, formed on July 22, and the Economy and Finance Committee, established on July 27. Their make-up for the 2020-2021 legislative period is given below:

  • Trade and Economic Affairs Committee: President Ricardo Torres (PRD – ruling party), Vice President Juan Esquivel (PRD – ruling party), Secretary Gonzalo González Mendizábal (PRD – ruling party), Luis Rafael Cruz (PRD – ruling party), Francisco Alemán (Molirena – allied to the ruling party), Raúl Fernández de Marco (Independent – allied to the ruling party), Elías Vigil Pérez (Partido Panameñista – opposition), Edwin Zúñiga (PCD – opposition), and Génesis Arjona (PCD – opposition).

  • Economy and Finance Committee: President Raúl Pineda (PRD – ruling party), Vice President Melchor Herrera (PRD – ruling party), Secretary Cenobia Vargas (PRD – ruling party), Ariel Alba (PRD – ruling party), Tito Rodríguez (Molirena – allied to the ruling party), Raúl Fernández de Marco (Independiente – opposition), Pedro Torres (Panameñista Party – opposition), Dalia Bernal (PCD – opposition), and José María Herrera (PCD – opposition).
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