Norway Analyzes Possible New Peace Dialogue: Progresses on Constitutional Reform Proposal
31 julio 2020

A Norwegian delegation visited Venezuela on July 26 and met with representatives of the ruling party and the opposition with a view to promoting a new peace dialogue between the parties. However, the sector led by Guaidó is unwilling to negotiate with the Maduro government. Further news is expected in the next few weeks. On the other hand, the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) is scheduled to vote on a reform to the Venezuelan Constitution in the short term.

The Norwegian diplomatic mission traveled with the aim of learning about the Venezuelan political and humanitarian situation and met with government officials and opponents. In this regard, Maduro said that “the issue of the Norwegians was reactivated”, although he did not specify the points that were discussed. Guaidó’s team said that the negotiations had ended last year “when the dictatorship refused to hold free and fair presidential and legislative elections.”

Meanwhile, ANC member Hermann Escarrá (United Socialist Party of Venezuela – ruling party) reported that the constitutional reform, which would be voted on in the coming weeks, includes a broader scheme of human rights guarantees and mechanisms for political participation. . In addition, it incorporates the militias into the Armed Forces, something that is already stipulated by law.