Committee Welcomes International Experts on Personal Data
31 julio 2020

On July 29, the Committee on Sovereignty and International Relations met to continue its study of the Personal Data Bill. The regulation seeks to protect citizens’ rights involving the processing of their personal, economic and social data. The committee heard from lawmakers and international experts in the field of data protection and is expected to resume its work in the next few weeks.

The committee first heard from the Brazilian National Representative, Orlando Silva, who admitted that guaranteeing the protection of each citizen as a constitutional right was a challenge, when attempting to stimulate activity in the digital economy. Finally Silva said that Brazil has implemented a chapter in its personal data legislation to specifically protect children.

In turn, Felipe Rotondo, president of the Ibero-American Data Protection Network, considered that it was necessary to consider data protection as an inherent right: when this right is violated, human dignity is at stake, since data is the “engine of the economy” and is fundamental to ensure the correct functioning of a country.

The Chilean Commissioner of the Council for Transparency Gloria De La Fuente, mentioned that in Chile, they are working on a new law to protect human rights incorporating internationally recognized protection standards and a systemic model constructed on the guarantee of citizens’ rights.

De la Fuente indicated that the new law seeks to protect the data of individuals and seeks to achieve regulatory convergence for the purpose of articulating public policies safeguarding the data of public institutions.