Senate Passes Bill on Teleworking
31 julio 2020

On July 30, the Senate passed and signed into law the draft regulating Teleworking, with 40 votes in favor and 30 against. The regulations will be enacted in due course by the Executive Power and, according to its articles, will enter into force 90 days after the COVID-19 mandatory lockdown ends.

After voting, the Senate began to debate the bill on the sustainability of local-law public debt, which is expected to obtain preliminary approval around midnight on July 30.

The teleworking initiative was supported by the ruling Frente de Todos bloc, which decided not to make changes to the preliminary approval issued by Deputies. However, the opposition bloc Juntos por el Cambio was vocal in its criticism of the ruling party for refusing to incorporate any changes even after having heard the demands brought by the business sector. 

The initiative aims to establish minimum legal budgets to regulate remote working throughout the country. The main issues include the right to digital disconnection, flexible working hours for those carrying out care tasks, the employer’s obligation to provide the necessary items for work, and compensation for telecommunications services rates.